Creating Healthy Workplaces


Many workers face challenges remaining healthy and productively engaged given personal and work demands. For individuals with chronic conditions, these challenges are even more daunting.


Focusing on the health and effective participation of these at-risk groups, we take a holistic approach to create healthy work groups by supporting individuals, understanding risk factors, strengthening groups, developing leaders, and creating healthy organizations.

The EMPOWER Partnership is a team of researchers, health experts, and stakeholders across the world that recognizes the importance of worker health and well-being.


Our Focus

Our mandate is to identify and develop healthy workplace best practices, levering organizational resources to improve worker health and functioning by:

  • Supporting individual workers 

    • through coaching ​to develop skills, resilience, and identifying resources

  • Strengthening workgroups

    • by developing individual skills & collective norms

  • Developing effective leader functioning

    • by coaching &​ supporting leaders and by helping them to develop healthy workplaces

  • Fostering psychologically healthy workplaces

    • by identifying and developing best practices​



We take a holistic approach to support individuals and to create healthy work groups, leaders, and work environments, focusing on:

  • workers with challenges of chronic physical and psychological conditions (e.g., diabetes, MS, arthritis, heart disease, pain, anxiety, depression, etc.)

  • workers faced with chronic work-life demands and stressors (e.g., caregiving issues)



Department of National Defence
Acadia University
Centre for Organizational Research & Development
QEII Health Sciences Centre
Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia
Dalhousie University
Behaviour Change Institure
Health Association of Nova Scotia
Healthy Populations Institute
Health PEI
University of Guelph
Nova Scotia Health Authority
Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability CIRPD


Halifax, NS