Leadership Effectiveness through Accountability and Development

The LEAD Initiative is a 10-week web- and phone-based coaching program designed to develop effective leadership skills. The program focuses on helping leaders recognize their current strengths and areas of development and setting appropriate goals that center around engaging in effective and healthy leadership behaviours.

Leaders learn and practice important leadership behaviours, such as time management, communication, and developing healthy employees and workplaces.


Leaders work through activities in the program manual each week and speak with their LEAD coach, who helps to identify individual needs, provide feedback, and set specific leadership goals. LEAD activities are implemented into the leaders’ work plan so that they can be completed at the leaders’ convenience. 


LEAD Provides:

  • Personal coaches

  • Flexible coaching scheduling

  • Tailored program materials

  • Valid program content & feedback

  • Activities based on best practices

  • Immediate feedback & support

Program Content:

  • Effective leadership behaviors

  • Supports for employee

  • Goal setting

  • Effective communication

  • Time management

  • Interpersonal & conflict management skills

Results & Feedback