Leading Healthy Workplaces

Leading Healthy Workplaces (LHW) focuses on developing behaviors to allow leaders to foster psychologically healthy workplaces and employee well-being. LHW training involves a half-day workshop, 4 phone-based coaching sessions, and 3 workbook-based sessions.

Leading healthy workplaces

Coaches support leaders in:

  • Reviewing their leadership assessment and program content

  • Setting specific goals and monitoring their goal progress

  • Creating and implementing their action plan

How it works

Group Workshop: Leading Healthy Workplaces

  • Identify critical components of healthy workplaces

  • Assess your workplace leadership behaviors

  •  Set and prioritize goals to apply training


Introduction to Coaching

  • Review healthy workplace leadership behaviors

  •  Review your SMART goals

  •  Develop your action plan


Workbook Session: Action Planning


Coaching Session: Leadership Assessment

  • Understand the importance of an action plan

  • Learn to break down your goals into actionable behaviors

  • Learn perspective taking skills

  • Discuss leadership assessment


Workbook Session: Leadership Behaviors Best Practices

Identify best practices in:

  • Improving interactions with employees

  • Promoting a psychologically healthy workplace


Coaching Session: Self-Assessment

  • Identify whether you are leading a healthy workplace

  • Identify your areas of strength and areas for further development


Workbook Session: Using Training, Barriers, and Going Forward

  • Understand how transfer of training affects you

  • Reduce barriers to applying training

  • Identify your best practices moving forward


Coaching Session: Accountability and Skill Maintenance

  • Identify your best practices for self-accountability

  • Review goals for continuous development and goal progress

The first group of leaders participating in the Leading Healthy Workplace program are just finishing the program in March 2018. The second group of leaders are set to begin the program in April 2018.