Arla Day

Project Director - Saint Mary's University

Audrey Kruisselbrink

Research Coordinator - Acadia University

Chris Blanchard

Dalhousie University & Nova Scotia Health Authority

Sam Campbell

Nova Scotia Health Authortiy & Dalhousie

Jill Chorney

Behaviour Change Institue, IWK Health Centre, and Dalhousie University

Lori Francis

Saint Mary's University

Debra Gilin Oore

Saint Mary's University

Mary Ellen Gurnham

Nova Scotia Health Authority

Russ Harris

Director PsyFlex Pty Ltd

Medical Practitioner - Psychotherapist - Executive Coach

Diane Holmberg

Acadia University

Meredith Ivany

MSc Student, Saint Mary's University

Lois Jackson

Dalhousie University

Kevin Kelloway

Saint Mary's University

Karen Korabik

University of Guelph

Natasha Lazareski 

Managing Director PsyFlex Pty Ltd

Medical Doctor, Occupational Health Specialist

Desmond Leddin

Dalhousie University & Nova Scotia Health Authority

Dayna Lee-Bagley

Behavioural Change Institute, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Dalhousie University & Saint Mary's University

Michael Leiter

Deakin University

Catherine Loughlin

Saint Mary's University

Christina Maslach

Professor of Psychology (Emerita) & Researcher

Karina Nielsen

Professor of Work Psychology & Director of the Institute for Work Psychology

Ray Owen

Chartered Clinical & Health Psychologist 

Marie-Helene Pelletier

Sun Life Financial

Samantha Penney

PhD Candidate, Saint Mary's University

Lisa Price

Acadia University

Sheri Price

Dalhousie University & IWK Health Centre

Danny Silver

Acadia University

Dylan Smibert

PhD Student, Saint Mary's University

Cathryn Smith

Fraser Health

Peter Twohig

Saint Mary's University

Garth White

Health PEI

Marc White

Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute 

Angela Wolff

University of British Columbia & Fraser Health

In Memory of Heather Laschinger

University of Western Ontario

Heather was a highly valued member of our team and she will be greatly missed by all. Her years of research expertise in nursing, empowerment, population health, burnout, and workplace interventions along with her experience in collaborative project management made her an irreplaceable affiliate of the EMPOWER team.