Worker & Organizational Respect & Civility Program

WORC is a 5-month group- and individual-based program in which team members:

  • Participate in monthly hour-long group meetings with a facilitator who helps the group identify issues, set goals for improving teamwork, and evaluate progress towards these goals.

  • Review their WORC manual and complete activities to help develop individual skills.

  • Put the information they learn into practice throughout the month.


WORC is a group-based initiative with the goal to develop productive, respectful groups by providing group members with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to contribute to a respectful and supportive group and workplace.


Respectful groups are developed through group meetings in which employees strive to enhance the quality of interactions among team members.


Support is provided through individual coaching to help individuals develop skills to work with team members and promote respectful group interactions.

Workgroups identify issues, set goals for improving teamwork, evaluate progress towards these goals, and develop conflict management and interpersonal skills. Facilitators support and guide each group.

WORC builds on the validated organizational program, CREW, which has demonstrated positive outcomes for employees:
Significant increases in:
  • civility 
  • respect
  • job satisfaction
Significant decreases in:
  • incivility
  • work absences
  • turnover intentions